Welcome to the Four Wards of Melbourne, The Freehold of Devotion

It is said that Melbourne has four devotions that consume it, these being sport, fashion, food and festivals. The Freehold of Melbourne has taken on these devotions as part of their own character, taking after the mortals that provide the emotions that fuel them.

The history of the Melbourne Freehold is a complex one, as appropriate to such a complex city and Freehold.

Winter Court: The Frozen Kingdom

The Winter King: Little Joe, Ogre Stonebone, since March 2006.

Court Heartland: Lonsdale Ward (bordered by Spencer St, Bourke St, Elizabeth St and Flinders St) plus Docklands, Telstra Dome, Southern Cross Station, etc.

Reign: Noon on the Winter Solstice till the end of Grand Final day (usually the last Saturday in September).

Devotion: Sport

Emotion: Sorrow

Spring Court: Court of Breezes

The Spring Princess: Lord Edward/Lady Clarice, Elemental Fireheart, since 18 October, 2010.

Court Heartland: Bourke Ward (bordered by Spencer St, La Trobe St, Elizabeth St and Bourke St) plus Flagstaff Gardens and Victoria Markets extending out to Victoria St.

Reign: The day after Grand Final day till noon on the Summer Solstice

Devotion: Fashion

Emotion: Desire

Summer Court: Kingdom of the Sun

The Summer Queen: Lady Katherine, Fairest Bright One since 1956.

Court Heartland: Gipps Ward (bordered by Elizabeth St, La Trobe St, Spring St and Bourke St) plus the entire Carlton Gardens bordered by Rathdowne St, Carlton St and Nicholson St.

Reign: Noon on the Summer Solstice till the end of the last Saturday in March.

Devotion: Food

Emotion: Wrath

Autumn Court: The Festive Court

The Autumn Prince: Prince Sha’a Darkling Mirrorskin since 1947.

The Regent: The Majordomo, Darkling Antiquarian, since early 1988.

Court Heartland: La Trobe Ward (bordered by Elizabeth St, Bourke St, Spring St and Flinders St) plus the area bordered by Spring St, Nicholson St, Albert St, Clarendon St and Wellington Pde.

Reign: The day after the last Saturday in March till noon on the Winter Solstice.

Devotion: Festivals

Emotion: Fear

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